Stamped concrete is the obvious choice for homeowners in Metro Atlanta

Stamped concrete is a great alternative to other materials. It can be made to mimic things like pavers, wood, stone, slate, or many other surfaces. In fact, many of the imprint patterns are molded from the actual materials they are designed to replicate. Now consumers can have a realistic look of textures like Italian slate without the huge costs associated with real stone or slate.

stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is unrivaled in customization. With so many color and pattern choices, the possibilities are endless and only limited by the imagination.

In most cases, stamped concrete will be less labor-intensive than pavers or decking. Large areas can be placed and imprinted with stamps rather than transporting and laying individual paver stones or pieces of wood decking. Less labor translates to less cost making stamped concrete a great cost-effective option, especially for large areas. With that in mind, the consumer can consider doing a larger area, or saving money.

Stamped concrete (link to picture gallery) is also very durable and weather resistant. If installed and maintained correctly it can last decades. It can be even more durable than standard concrete, especially if a color hardener was used on the surface. Contractors will also apply a decorative concrete sealer that protects the surface from wear, stains, and weather. A stamped concrete sealer will enhance the look, but also make it easier to maintain. If the concrete is placed on a compacted gravel base and has steel reinforcement added, it isn’t likely to settle and become uneven like other materials.

Although stamped concrete is not maintenance-free, it is very easy to maintain compared to other options. Pavers and natural stone constantly need weeds removed, joints refilled with sand, and sometimes need to be pulled up and leveled. Standard exterior concrete finishes have a rougher surface that collects dirt and grime and can be very hard to remove. A stamped concrete surface rarely needs anything more than washed and sealed periodically. The decorative sealer doesn’t allow dirt, grime, and stains to penetrate the surface, making them easy to remove. A Non-slip additive can also be added to the sealer in areas where traction is a concern.

In the case that the stamped concrete does develop a small crack, most times it’s not visible due to the texture. If it does need to be repaired it can be blended in with color and hidden. Standard concrete finishes are hard to repair and are almost always visible.