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Depending on the slope or soil type of your property, a retaining wall system helps keep sediment under control and acts as a barrier built to protect your property from the erosion of soil and are useful in areas like Atlanta, GA for preservation, support, and erosion control—but they also serve an aesthetic purpose.

There are three main types available: concrete, stone, and brick. They serve different purposes based on the project, purpose, material, and property.

Retaining wall systems don’t have to look as drab as they may sound. If built right, they can appear decorative as they serve their purpose. That’s what distinguishes professionally built from those made solely for earth retention.

If you’re thinking about building a retaining wall for your residence in Metro Atlanta, contact us today at Custom Concrete Inc. (rights reserved). Our professionals produce sturdy, high-quality work that stands the test of time and complement your outdoor living space. We’ll show you the different types of retaining walls and what they do.


Retaining walls provide support and retain soil, so it doesn’t shift. In the sometimes rainy, stormy, and windy Metro Atlanta area, you need soil reinforcement. Soil and sand erode either with time or due to natural elements.

A retaining wall supports your land and helps you use it the way you want. For example, your concrete driveway may need to be supported because of heavy vehicles or elevation changes. Improper foundation support will cause damage over time due to factors like:

  • Failing to determine the appropriate material and style
  • Building a weak foundation
  • No support with proper reinforcement
  • An improper drainage system that erodes the foundation
  • Not consulting a professional to help you

You must consider what’s underneath the ground and what type of soil you’re dealing with to determine the kind of wall you need. Always remember to start with a strong foundation for your wall to support the earth behind it. Soil is very heavy, especially when soaked with water. Every foot of elevation substantially increases the pressure on the overall structure.


The primary function of a retaining wall is to ensure earth retention to a slope. They are built on a slope to prevent water or soil from eroding onto your property. This requires proper support and planning. Keep in mind that the structure must also be built from a sturdy material, such as concrete.

Not all retaining walls work for a slope, and if fitted improperly or built wrong, they will collapse and cause a safety issue. At Custom Concrete Inc. (rights reserved), we’ll determine what type of material you need and determine how to approach the project.

You can build more than one retaining wall, especially in the face of a steep slope. You can add stairs, pipes, or other structural objects necessary for the wall to function. Call us at Custom Concrete Inc. so we can help you determine the type of concrete you need to help with steep or uneven slopes.

Erosion Control

Erosion can wreak havoc on your property, especially during the rainy season in Atlanta. Atlanta gets an average of 52 inches of rain every year, which is higher than many other states. Retention walls help with earth retention and sedimentation control, which keep your Atlanta property safe and functional.

Look out for objects or natural elements that can increase the chances of erosion on your property. Ideally, you should understand soil type, the build of your retaining wall, and the vegetation on the land. A skilled professional can evaluate these elements and determine what retaining wall works best for erosion control in your area.


If a retaining wall is built incorrectly or without the proper soil and groundwater considerations in Atlanta, it can lead to problems for both you and your neighbors. Drainage is the most crucial factor and needs to be properly planned and executed.

If built without the proper drainage considerations, a retaining wall will weaken over time, and its base will erode, leading to collapse.

An inconspicuous drain tile at the base allows the water to drain from your land correctly and reduces damage to your property. No matter how sturdy your wall is, if it isn’t drained properly, you can expect it to last no more than one rainy season in Atlanta.

Elevation change

A retaining wall must be built with an elevation change in mind. A drastic change in the elevation of your property can do some severe damage to your patio, garden, or even your house. Retaining walls are specially made to endure changes in soil elevation.

Get peace of mind about how the weather or the elements might damage your land. The support they provide reduces or eliminates the risks of an elevation change.

Bear in mind that existing elevation changes need a retaining wall that has different base levels. These types of projects are complicated and require the right planning. If the base is not right it will fail sooner or later.


Retaining walls don’t have to look different from your outdoor living space. In Atlanta, they are a common addition to businesses and homes because they add protection and aesthetic flair. The exterior surface can be decorated with paint, flowers, and moss.

When most people think of retaining walls, dreary grey stones, or perhaps brick comes to mind. They can look gorgeous on your land, can enhance its aesthetic, add value to your property and give it a sophisticated look.

Our team at Custom Concrete Inc. know the ins and outs of building strong structures. We strongly encourage you to consult with a professional if you want to do it yourself. Despite the information available, one minor oversight could cause your wall to collapse and cause serious damage to your property.

Contact us to understand your options for building retaining walls for your home or business. Our concrete specialists will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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