Concrete Driveway Replacements

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We specialize in tearing out and replacing your old concrete driveway with a new installation that is up to the highest standards with respect to quality construction and aesthetics.

If you’re seeing cracks in the concrete, often the best most cost effective solution is to replace with a new driveway. Cracks can be more than a sign of normal wear and tear.

Replace your driveway with Custom Concrete Inc.

If you’re considering tearing out and replacing your driveway, call us for a complimentary consultation. An initial evaluation is needed to properly assess a project of this nature because heavy equipment must be used for tearing out the old concrete. Working in a clean and safe environment is a top priority for us. Avoiding damage to your property is of the utmost importance. Our past customers can attest to that!

Proper planning for a driveway replacement

At the initial consultation, you will choose the shape, color and type of finish for your driveway replacement.

There are many options to choose from. We can add color to the mix to match your landscaping and residence. Concrete is very organic and easily takes on any shape or form.

Do you have an idea in mind? How about some nice curves to complement the design of your home? This is possible! What type of finish would fit your taste? Stamped, broom finish or exposed aggregate? Consider the very popular “grand ashlar” stamp that is more adapted to larger surfaces.

Concrete driveway demolition: Out with the old, in with the new!

The first step in driveway replacement is the demolition process. We use heavy machinery to break the concrete, tear it out and remove it.

Don’t worry, we clean up after ourselves! Your property and landscape is safe with us!

Concrete demolition can be loud. Our fast and efficient crew can get the job done in a timely manner and prepare the site for the driveway replacement.

Preparing the site

In the Metro Atlanta area, red clay is the prevalent soil type. It makes a very good base for the concrete.

It needs to be evenly compacted to ensure proper structural integrity of the driveway.

An uneven sub grade can cause the driveway to crack prematurely.

Our years of experience working in Atlanta has made us experts in driveway replacements.

Forming your driveway replacement: Shaping to your existing surroundings

The forms are the barriers that will keep the concrete in place. We can create beautiful lines, shapes and design elements to your existing landscape.

To keep everything in place and avoid what we call a “blowout”, the forms must be secured and stabilized.

We’ve seen many problems in the past with weak forms from amateur contractors. A “blowout” is when the pressure of the concrete is too great causing the form to yield making a huge mess!!!


Not everyone uses reinforcement, but we do! We use steel rebar on all of our driveway replacements. Using rebar adds to the structural capacity of the concrete with heavy vehicles. Fibers can also be used as a secondary reinforcement. Your driveway is an investment that adds value to your property, having the best quality product is common sense!

Pouring and placing

Now that the form are properly braced and the rebar is laid on the ground, we can pour and place the concrete evenly.

We achieve a flat surface using a technique called screeding. In order to get a nice even surface to finish, screeding needs to be done as soon as the concrete is poured on the sub grade.

Finishing and adding control joints

We have vast experience with every type of concrete finishing options. Broom finish and stamped are popular finishing options for driveway replacements.

Stamps used for driveways generally have larger patterns than stamps for patios to give a more pleasing and balanced look to the overall design.

Strategically placed control joints are made with a special tool or with a diamond blade saw. If a saw is used, the joints must be cut the next day.

Common reasons your driveway needs to be replaced

Bad soil compaction
What lies beneath the slab can determine if you should replace it. In the Metro Atlanta area, the red clay soil can be a good base for the driveway to rest on, but it needs to be properly graded and compacted.

This is to ensure proper support and drainage, especially if you need a retaining wall in conjunction with your driveway. Weak spots underneath the driveway will cause it to crack. We always ensure that the soil is evenly compacted before pouring concrete on top.

Bad cement mix
In order to bear heavy loads like vehicles, the concrete used on your driveway needs to be rated with a high PSI (pounds per square inch).

A minimum of 4000 pounds per square inch is required for most driveways. We ensure strict quality control at this critical step of the process to ensure a successful outcome.

wrong thickness
Uneven thickness can lead to problems like cracks and premature wear and tear.

The structural integrity of the driveway can be compromised if the slab is too thin or uneven.

We use a minimum of 4 inches for driveways in Atlanta.

lack of reinforcement
Some contractors don’t even bother reinforcing the concrete to reduce costs. Cutting corners is not part of our business practice. We use rebar reinforcement on our driveway replacements to secure your investment for years to come.

improper placement of control joints
Inexperienced contractors don’t understand the proper location to put control joints.

Control joints are not purely fro aesthetics. They need to be strategically placed and have the right depth. This step should never be overlooked. We have the experience to do it the right way.

We are a local contractor servicing the Metro Atlanta area

Everyone of us are proud serving members of the Atlanta community. We are hard working and take our business seriously. Our reputation is based not only on quality work but on trust. Did you see our five star reviews? These are real local residents of Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Check out the maps below to see some areas we regularly perform concrete work.