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Concrete is the best choice for your patio

When it comes to your backyard living space, form and function are essential to creating the perfect outdoor ambiance.

Your patio or pool deck are often the focal elements of the relaxing time you’ll spend outside soaking in the glorious sunshine and creating long-lasting family memories.

Wood decks used to be the name of the game, but in recent years one crafting material has overtaken wood patios to become the most popular building source across the country: concrete.

Even more common than stones and pavers, concrete patios offer everything from luxury designs to modern outdoor surfaces with their immense versatility and customization.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy patio design for small spaces, or an intricate backyard oasis for family gatherings and events, concrete patios are the go-to solution for outdoor living in the Metro Atlanta area.

We have extensive experience to carry out the most elaborate decorative projects on time and on budget. Giving you peace of mind throughout the whole process. From the initial free quote, soil preparation, forming, pouring and finishing.

Colors And Finishes To Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space

Every home is unique, and the same is true for your outdoor living space.

Whether you have a small yard, an oddly shaped patio, or want to completely renovate your lawn and deck, concrete offer an endless array of color choices and finishes to complete the look.

We add your choice of color in the cement mix. Then, we use other color combinations in the release agent to prevent the stamps from sticking to the uncured concrete. This gives the beautiful antique look to the stamp pattern. To top it off, we use a high quality sealer to protect your patio. It also gives it a nice shiny surface.

The Benefits of Choosing Concrete For A Patio

There are a number of reasons why concrete has overtaken wood decks to become to the post popular choice for patios in America.

Here are just a few of the benefits for choosing concrete patios here in the Metro Atlanta area:

  • Concrete can be poured into literally any shape based on your design needs.

  • Concrete is adaptable to any aesthetic for a cohesive look and feel.

  • With the right care in place, concrete is a low-maintenance material.

  • Concrete patios are highly durable and can easily last 20 to 50 years.

Options for Designing a Unique Patio

Like every element inside your home, you want the design of your outdoor living to radiate the same energy and style from corner to corner.

Concrete patios and pool decks give you the ability to customize your backyard from color and finish to shape, style or design. Please Contact us if you have any question or for a free complimentary consultation.

styles, colors and finishes

When the word “concrete” comes to mind, you might think of the drab color of grey cement.

In reality, the ability to dye and stain concrete means there are almost no limits to the aesthetics you can create for your backyard with concrete patios.

Whether you prefer the modern touch of a light colored concrete patio or white finish, or you want to imbue your outdoor space with warm, earthy tones for a traditional feel, you can create those looks with concrete.

Stamping your concrete patio also gives you the ability to bring the look and feel of stones and pavers to your backyard without the cost or upkeep. You can even opt for a more traditional broom finish like what is used for driveways.

By molding concrete into different shapes and texturizing it with unique finishes, you can form your concrete patios to mimic bricks, stones, or any other material.

Your source for concrete design inspiration

Considering how versatile using concrete for your patio can be, you might not know where to start! At Custom Concrete Inc., our passion is providing you with the design inspiration for years to come.

Whether you want to know how much a new concrete patio will cost, or what your options are for replacing an existing concrete patio, Custom Concrete Inc. has the tools you need to get the job done.

Find local a Atlanta, Georgia concrete contractor who can help you design the backyard space of your dreams from the ground up. There are no limited to the outdoor paradise you can create no matter how big or small your yard space is.

Browse stained concrete options, stamped concrete patios, outdoor style guides and more from the best concrete contractor now!

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