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Stamped concrete is concrete that has a textured pattern combined with a mix of different colors applied to the surface to look like natural building materials such as stone, slate or pavers or even decorative patterns and shapes.

It is not limited to flat horizontal surfaces, it can also be applied to concrete stairs, borders, walls…etc. Stamped concrete is a very popular choice for homeowners wanting to add value to their property.

It is also a very affordable option because of its durability and easy maintenance. Another advantage for homeowners is the limitless possibilities it can offer with respect to design options. You can create something completely custom and unique.

At Custom Concrete Inc., we pride ourselves in assisting customers and guiding them in making the best choices to add value and beauty to their homes. Delivering a worry-free, turn-key project on time and within budget is always a top priority on every stamped concrete project we engage in.

Design options

Stamped concrete offers unmatched versatility to customers wanting to enhance the elegance of their property.

A good place to start is choosing the colors. An unlimited combination of colors can be incorporated into the design to give it a natural and stylish appearance. The right balance of tones and contrasts are easy to achieve considering the products are mixed and applied on-site.

Pro tip: First, choose your dominant color by matching the predominant colors of your house. Then choose another color for the accents to add contrast and tone balance.

The natural antique look that stamped concrete is known for is achieved by using a secondary color in the form of a powder or liquid applied to the surface to prevent the stamps from sticking to the wet concrete.

For choosing the pattern, there are numerous options. You can choose natural stone or even a wood plank pattern. Pro tip: consider the size of the pattern in your final choice. Different sizes give different effects with respect to the square footage area to be stamped. Large areas like driveways tend to work better with bigger patterns.To add even more eye-catching features, a border with a different color and texture can be added.


Stamped concrete is very durable when properly installed and maintained. It is often more durable than regular grey concrete.

The pigmented product that is used in the mixture is called a color hardener. The silica it contains adds density and strengthens the cement mix.

Durability is also directly related to the execution of the installation. What lies underneath it of the utmost importance! The soil needs to be graded and compacted for adequate structural support.

The stamped texture pattern is purely decorative, you should always hire an experienced concrete contractor especially for stamped concrete. Even the slightest mistake could force you to tear out and replace. It’s cheaper to do it right the first time!


Stamped concrete requires very little maintenance and upkeep which makes it a great choice for a backyard patio or even a driveway. The protective coating that is applied on the surface acts as a barrier to keep any contaminants and chemicals from penetrating the concrete and ruining the color and finish.

Even when completely cured, concrete is absorptive. Stains can develop without a protective coating applied to the surface. This coating, also known as a sealer, gives that shiny look to the surface making the colors, contrasts, and textures really stand out.

If the surface is exposed to high traffic, then resealing it every 2 or 3 years will keep it looking as new for a very long time. You can also rinse it with water using a pressure washer or garden hose from time to time.

can it be recolored?

It is possible to restain old faded stamped concrete. The sealer needs to be removed using chemicals before the new color is applied.

Don’t hesitate to call us for any questions about restoring your old faded patio or driveway.

how is stamped concrete installed

The already colored concrete is poured and placed into the forms. Then, a release agent is used on the surface to prevent the stamps from sticking. The release agent is either a powder or a liquid and acts as the secondary color that gives that natural antique look.

The stamps have to be carefully placed and perfectly aligned with each other. Failing to do so will leave the stamp border outlines visible. For tight edges, special tools are used to complete the pattern where the stamp could not be imprinted fully (for example the edge of the house).

A lot of skill and quality craftsmanship is needed to deliver high-quality results. Having the right amount of color mix, evenly spreading the release agent, when to stamp…etc. Careful timing is very important for a successful project. The stamping has to be done at the right time in the curing process.

At Custom Concrete Inc., our vast experience has given us the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget giving the customer peace of mind. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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