Alpharetta, GA, May 2020 – Custom Concrete Inc., a top-rated concrete contractor says that stamped concrete should be the go-to material for residential patios, driveways, and pool decks.

Stamped concrete in Alpharetta, GA

Stamped concrete is the most cost-effective building material compared to pavers. For example, the time of installation is a contributing factor with respect to lowering costs. Pavers have to be individually placed and cut which adds time and resources to the project. stamped concrete can be installed at a fraction of the time which translates into more money in your pocket.

Endless color combinations are instantly available because the color pigment is added to the concrete mix and accent colors are added during the stamping process. Other building materials only offer limited color choices. Also, the color added in the concrete also acts as a hardener, making the concrete even stronger and more durable. The sealer makes the surface very easy to clean.

When you combine the color with the unique textures, the look of natural stone can easily be achieved by concrete contractors with experience and know-how.  These are only some of the reasons stamped concrete is such a popular choice amongst Alpharetta homeowners.

Before starting a stamped concrete project, always make sure to comply with the City of Alpharetta regulations.