Custom Concrete Inc., serving the Metro Atlanta area, specializes in stamped concrete with the experience, expertise, and talent required to provide a masterful product, resulting in the best outcome for their residential customers. A great alternative to other materials, stamped concrete should be the go-to material for residential pool decks, patios, and especially driveways. Available to mimic a myriad of materials such as pavers, wood, or stone, stamped concrete is a wonderful alternative, providing consumers with a realistic look without the substantial costs associated with the authentic item.

In layman’s terms, stamped concrete is concrete that has a surface to look like natural building materials. This is achieved by combining textured concrete with a mix of different colors applied to the surface. A popular choice for adding to property value, stamped concrete is affordable because of its durability and because of the ease of its long-term maintenance. The limitless possibilities it can offer provides the homeowner with a multitude of design options, allowing for a creative, custom, and unique finished product.

Though stamped concrete requires years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to properly be utilized, a master of the craft can ultimately offer unmatched flexibility, aesthetics, color, and durability with their product. Stamped concrete presents a multitude of options, providing the customer with the look that they seek at an affordable price. When considering the installation of a new pool deck, patio, or driveway, homeowners can feel confident in their choice of stamped concrete. Renovation comes with many options, costs, and considerations. Residential homeowners must contemplate both short term expenses and long-term maintenance.

Custom Concrete Inc. can help homeowners to create their custom entryway. By adding a variety of common elements, such as sand or crushed rocks, to the “cement driveway,” the stamped concrete offers a diverse selection of colors, patterns, and finishes to compliment any home.

Stamped concrete is an excellent choice for concrete projects, and especially driveways, not only because of the variety of aesthetic options it provides, but it also offers excellent long-term maintenance. Properly maintained, a masterfully installed concrete driveway can last twenty to thirty years before serious maintenance or replacement occurs. 

Custom Concrete Inc. has the exquisite expertise and years of experience required to provide a well-finished stamped concrete driveway. With the ability to offer the knowledge at their disposal, they can help their clients to select the best options to properly compliment their home. With a five-star rating, they are licensed and insured, and are experts in their field. Whether a client needs a new or a replacement driveway, or a craftsman to complete another decorative concrete project, Custom Concrete Inc. is available to meet all of their custom concrete needs.

“The options are endless when you know how concrete can be used to create intricate and customized designed for any shape or style finish. And once you have an idea what kind of driveway you want to line your entryway with, Custom Concrete Inc will give you a free quote and ensure the job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Clients may contact Custom Concrete Inc. at 770-605-2513, or visit their website.