Great ideas for a concrete patio in time for the summer months in Atlanta

Custom Concrete Inc., a high-end contractor in Metro Atlanta, gave some great ideas for concrete patio design and construction to homeowners who are getting ready for backyard outdoor living and entertainment. Concrete has become very popular building material for patios in the last couple of years.

stamped concrete patio in Atlanta

According to the Global Cement and Concrete Association, concrete is the most widely used material in the world. This comes to no surprise to David Gipson, a concrete contractor in the Metro Atlanta area. He says that although it is a very durable material to work with, it offers the flexibility that he needs as a contractor with respect to design and execution in an efficient manner for homeowners.

How to choose the right color for your patio

Your patio acts as an extension of your home. You should try to match the colors of the house to avoid both of them competing with each other. With decorative concrete, you are not limited to only one color. For example, you can combine two colors for the overall surface of the patio to match the dominant color of the house. To add even more harmony, use a matching color of the trim of the house for the patio’s border. To create separation between the different areas of your concrete patio, use more colors from the same palette but don’t overdo it. Too many colors will ruin the effect. Here is an example of colors that can be mixed in concrete at the plant (integral colors).

concrete color chart

Ideal patio placement

“A great concrete patio design is much more than simply placing it right at the back of your house”, says David, owner of Custom Concrete Inc. “You need to consider sunlight, shade, your outdoor furniture, and barbecue”.  Try dividing the design into smaller areas that are interconnected instead of having one big patio. If you like outdoor cooking, have a dedicated area for your barbecue far from any windows to avoid the smoke from getting into your house. Furthermore, your patio does not have to be adjacent to the house. If you have a bigger property, you could have a walkway going through a nice garden of flowers leading to the patio taking advantage of the beauty and views of your natural surroundings.

Shape of the patio

An advantage of working with concrete is the ability to easily shape it into asymmetrical shapes without any wasted material. Great patio designs incorporate natural organic shapes that accentuate the perspectives and natural contours of the backyard. Straight lines and square corners can be used to compartmentalize the sections of the different living areas.

Textures and patterns

Concrete can be made to mimic natural surfaces like stone or slate, even wood plank. Seamless patterns look great with borders of a different pattern. It comes down to personal preference. Breaking up the pattern can add interesting contrasts and accents to the overall finished product.

Patio Construction

Always make sure you are dealing with a licensed and insured contractor for any type of concrete work on your property. Always comply with regulations of the city of Atlanta or the city you are located in.