Stamped concrete for outdoor living spaces

David Gipson, the owner of Custom Concrete Inc., an experienced outdoor living space designer and concrete contractor in Metro Atlanta GA says the best material to work with for your outdoor living space is stamped concrete.

According To David, it offers unmatched benefits compared to other building materials. From the walkway, patio, pool deck, and even outdoor countertops, decorative concrete is certainly the most popular option.

Outdoor living is part of nearly every household in the Metro Atlanta area. With summer just around the corner, he offered some advice to homeowners who are considering either remodeling or building a new outdoor living space.

outdoor living spaces with stamped concrete in Metro Atlanta

Cost benefit of stamped decorative concrete

Stamped concrete is more affordable than other alternatives like pavers or natural stone. The durability also factors in the cost since it will last longer and is easier to maintain. When the colors fade with time because of the elements, resealing the surface can bring it back to its original state. The installation process is much faster than the alternatives saving you time and money with labor costs.

The perfect material to expand your living space

“When it comes to designing a backyard patio or pool deck to incorporate into a living space, decorative concrete gives us the flexibility to create virtually anything from organic shapes, patterns, and colors that can complement the natural features of any property.” says David.

Another nice feature of concrete is that it can also be used for countertops. This means the look and feel of the patio can be incorporated into the outdoor kitchen for design continuity, which is not possible with the alternative materials.

A wide variety of patterns can be used to imitate natural stone or slate by placing stamps on the fresh concrete. Even seamless patterns are possible and a great combination with a brick border pattern using a contrasting color.

Color variations and combinations are also unlimited using integral colors and color hardeners. When used together in conjunction, they give a unique natural look to the concrete and also add some protection. That beautiful “antique” look is a direct result of the right mix of color and proper technique. Your outdoor living space can benefit from stamped concrete in a way that other surfaces simply cannot achieve.

Stamped concrete is not for the DIY

David also adds that installing stamped concrete is not a typical DIY project and should not be attempted by the inexperienced. “Anyone who tries to pour and finish a stamped patio as a DIY project will most certainly regret it.” he adds: “There are too many factors and details that must not be overlooked”. For example, the American Society of Concrete Contractors has over a dozen technical documents with respect to decorative concrete best practices. Furthermore, health and safety precautions must never be overlooked when working with stamped concrete. The materials used contain silica dust. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has very strict guidelines when working with products that contain crystalline silica dust and should not be taken lightly.

Hire a professional

After reading some of the very interesting material, one can understand why installing a stamped concrete surface is best done by a professional contractor. Custom Concrete Inc. has the technical know-how for incorporating stamped concrete in outdoor living spaces in the Metro Atlanta area.