Many residents of the Metro Atlanta area are faced with soil erosion, drainage problems and severe elevation changes on their property reducing their usable outdoor space. Adding a retaining wall can solve those problems and add to the property value. If you’re considering hiring a contractor to build a retaining wall system, here is some information to have a basic understanding of how they are constructed.

Custom Concrete Inc. retaining wall

Compliance with rules and regulations

Before starting to build a retaining wall, always be compliant with your municipal laws. Having the permits and inspection clearance is mandatory. Retaining walls, when not properly installed, can cause serious water damage to adjacent properties.

Resources for building permits: City Of Atlanta, City Of Alpharetta, City of Marietta

The foundation

Soil is very heavy, especially wet soil. The foundation or base needs to be very strong and sturdy to support very heavy loads. Usually made of a deep layer of compacted gravel to help with irrigation. Without a stable base, the wall could not bear any of the load and would fail very quickly.


Drainage is a very important part of the retaining wall. If water is held up inside the supporting wall and cannot be drained, the pressure would continue to build and the wall would eventually fail. Water needs to go through without any resistance.

Custom Concrete retaining wall

Supporting wall

The wall can be constructed using various materials such as cinderblocks. A layer of stone or bricks can be added on top for aesthetics. The wall must be constructed to support a dynamic load.

Hire the right contractor

Find a contractor that is licensed and insured like Custom Concrete Inc. that has the knowledge and expertise to properly install retaining walls in Metro Atlanta that pass inspection.